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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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drug trafficking. in the. week's top stories here on our t.v. the deadly repression of demonstrators and continues in syria despite government promises to end the violence while the u.s. looks ready to condemn president assad as illegitimate. washout in washington of four libyan rebel on voice says they departed without diplomatic recognition and the promise of financial aid from gadhafi is frozen assets. the head of the international monetary fund is charged with sexual assault in new york after allegedly attacking a hotel maid. and in russia a nationwide military displays a march sixty six years since the defeat of nazi germany put similar commemorations
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in ukraine were marred by nationalists attacking veterans. broadcasting live from the direct part of moscow this is our team glad to have you with us thousands are fleeing syria where violence is raging despite the government's promise of a dialogue with the opposition international pressure is mounting on syria over brutal crackdowns on anti-government protesters that some eight hundred killed and more than a thousand arrested and months meanwhile the e.u. and u.s. have imposed sanctions on the country washington is even said to be considering declaring president assad's eleven year rule on lawful and as our cheese sandwich a camera ports many believe the u.s. is laying the foundations for drastic action against the regime. who easily jeered him an international leader and who is not it seems america will decide
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a white house source said the obama administration is edging closer to declaring assad's ruling syria illegitimate and that it would be just the first step. we will continue to work with our international partners in the e.u. and elsewhere on additional steps to hold syria responsible for its gross human rights abuses sounds familiar united states is helping to lead an international effort to defer deter further violence put in place unprecedented sanctions or hold the gadhafi government accountable when the u.s. says it's going to hold someone responsible expect action once the u.s. has officially declared the syrian government illegitimate. if it would open the door to various steps taken to remove that government but the south proclaimed position of the u.s.
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as the world's policeman and judge of which government is legitimate or not doesn't sit well with everyone here in the us now again if you were in america and president you saw they were going to you gentlemen are not. going to order the american spirit of. give us some of the u.s. long time allies like the yemeni president seem to be intimidated by those zest of the white house to act as the arbiter of who will to power in the world. are you president of the united states and president of the world when condemning government atrocities in different countries in the middle east and north africa the u.s. claims the higher moral ground declaring human rights is the basis for its involvement but the critics say this is a smokescreen for the real reason for interference and the d.n.a. of us. or and we're all three.
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or. four hockey. you cross the country and your. america's self-proclaimed humanitarian involvement has led it to take sides in the libyan civil war the us has pledged extensive support for the rebels newly released wiki leaks cables show the u.s. had been funneling money to syria's opposition for several years now but some say the help comes with strings attached and nobody gives away money for nothing or arms and the u.s. sees the opportunity of putting in a friendly pro-american rule the government response of to american interests the coalition efforts in libya have reached a dead end with the country now in military stalemate in the meantime civilian casualties there continue to grow. analysts say foreign involvement in syria could
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trigger a much worse conflict syria's in the heart of the arab world and its it explodes or implodes it will affect all its neighboring countries iraq saudi arabia jordan israel lebannon. and they're all likely to get involved in a collapsing more war torn serious serious partnership with iran has long been irritating washington yet another recent say some to go after our side relying on iran as your best friend and your only strategic ally is not a viable way forward critics say the us takes on the role of world policeman not based on its inherent altruism but rather out of self-interest and the bigger question is whether those interests second in the world safer or have to stabilize the more i'm going to shift our reporting from washington r.t. . this week the u.s. a dash to the hopes of the libyan rebels for official recognition white house
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a broken news to a libyan opposition leader during his visit to washington the u.s. is also dragging its feet on releasing colonel gadhafi has frozen assets promised to aid the rebels but it's not only the opposition that's feeling because of this war as i've written it reports. for those who joined the fight in libya the cost of conflict is quickly taking off denmark's one of just six nato members conducting air strikes to enforce the no fly zone it's six f. sixteen fighter planes racking up a hefty bill of thirteen and a half million dollars a month or anticipating a number of i was considering up and out we aren't that many nations that is using fighter planes. there to take us for example they're using drones they have had tomahawk missiles but i don't have any i didn't know. denmark dropped one hundred twenty six precision bombs in the first fortnight of the campaign all each one costs on average fifty thousand dollars on top of that there's one point six
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million a month the station the jets in sicily along with one hundred thirty personnel at this rate denmark's annual cost will be one hundred seventy million dollars four percent of its defense budget the danish air force refuses to comment on the money saying it's too political a topic but parliament says it can afford it these people have come to the american embassy to show their opposition to the war it's not just the conflict they're protesting against though it's also denmark's willingness to follow the u.s. it's a battle they do this because. i don't know all some people say they have an inferiority complex and they follow big daddy and the united states and france works as warriors yes it did after so they go all her junior partner the danish parliament was unanimous in packing a bombing campaign in libya the first time ever on a military action but since then cracks have appeared with the far left red green
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alliance withdrawing its support it says nato has gone beyond its mandate by taking sides in a civil war now the party is denmark could follow suit again with a ground offensive looming i think it's likely because the prime minister wants to be a strongman is proceeds as an upcoming election. and also that is the policy of the current government to be as close with the us as possible at the moment the government's against sending ground forces six f. sixteen s are already costing the same as denmark's troop deployment in afghanistan and they've been there for ten years. but as afghanistan and iraq all showed when push comes to shove the country is more than willing to join america whatever the cost other than its artsy copenhagen. the libyan opposition desperately seeks
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international support the u.s. says it's not even clear on the exact makeup of the rebels. from the spike online magazine says only the libyan people themselves can decide their future again said that he's cautious about understanding who makes up the opposition and the extent that caution is commendable because this humanitarian intervention by the west in libya wasn't a planned strategy it was a war without any real aim it was something of the west young cynthy but any real clear sense of who they're doing it on the behalf of who the rebels are and what they want to achieve from it transitional national council of libya now completely orientated towards the west toward nato for the america they want to try and get acceptance from obama from western leaders they're not looking towards the libyan people it means that self-determination doesn't come from the libyan people they come from this kind of political elite in libya who are basically just trying to
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tell the west what it wants to hear recognition has to come from the libyan people it can't come from the west it's not just about getting rid of gadhafi it's about bringing about a democratic libya which is very much a process that has struggled for by the people of libya you can't form libya into democracy the solution doesn't come from the west removing gadhafi and i think it would be absolutely dreadful if this bombing does end up killing people because the should be removed by libyan hands and not by the west. looking now at what else is ahead this hour storming of the u.n. . european m.p.'s have voted for a permanent seat at the security council but their hopes are shared by all. also find out why finnish authorities released the man behind a website serving as a mouthpiece for terrorists. the head of the international monetary fund has been charged with sexual attack attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment new york police
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pulled down an extra con from a plane minutes before he was due to fly to paris and questioned him on suspicion of assaulting a hotel maid french politics expert. the. excuse me nabila ramdani says in the hopes strauss kahn had of landing the french presidency are now effectively over. he was indeed going to announce his candidacy for the clinton twelve presidential elections and i think these allegations will come as a huge blow for french socialists who really saw him as the great hope to succeed president sarkozy in next year's presidential elections and i don't think that at this stage of president close kind of will even think of running for president because it will prove extremely difficult to juggle allegations of sexual assault. and rape with a presidential campaign i think president sarkozy is an obvious candidate to
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benefit from from the scandal although he's very low in the call of the magnitude of the longest. and the no worst rate in fact for any french president in the history of the fifth republic but i think this will benefit him hugely i see we'll be able to hope that he will you know he will reassure him even more confidence to tackle the presidential elections. much more strength than the current situation for. the growing number of refugees fleeing the unrest in the arab world is creating a rift between the e.u. members some are calling to temporarily or even permanently tighten borders between states and bring back passport checks and as our g.'s daniel bushell reports european unity could be on the brink of collapse the dream of a few appeared in seclusion goes off the rails you know it's a few between. all train services from italy after
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finding carriages full of african migrants italy had handed out visitors visas allowing travel in the european union that shattered the trust on which the e used visa free regime lives it has shown a kind of neutral mistrust between two partners between france and italy france considering that italy has not implemented in a good way the rules. for thousands fleeing the violence in north africa italy is the nearest border security experts who've studied the country's patrol say they're on the strength but fellow member states argue they shouldn't have to pay for italy's mistakes we have as possible of the fact that. just from the sea with people coming from outside and are not able to fix the problem we are not criminals terrorists madmen we don't want them here has protested to the french embassy for
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quotes voile asian of european principles france counts as it already takes five times more immigrants than italy employees here of the european parliament say they need to control immigration but with each member state putting its interests first and blaming each other for the problem migrants are just getting polls from one state to another e.u. security chiefs this week held crisis talks admitted the system's roit for abuse one and the same applicants for asylum can have like seventy seventy five percent chance of being granted asylum in one country of the european union and less than one percent with the same reasons in another country states are now taking the law into their own hands on wednesday there are more reintroduced border controls for people coming from of the e.u. states bill jim home of the e.u. headquarters is now calling for the same. legal immigrants two thousand
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back to each other this is not possible isn't possible for people in question but it's not possible to the. situation asked for more internal border control i think growing numbers in the unions biggest country wants border checks to germany post possible restrictions in terms of freedom of travel and this is really something that many people are concerned of rich nations in the e.u. also. the invasion from the restrictions on working and benefits for citizens from central and east european states which joined the union in two thousand and four were lifted on the first of may one. flood to the u.k. attracts people from the countries that have just joined it attracts people from outside the european union because they know once they get into a european union like country they can cross borders they can work if they want to
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or take advantage of a generous benefits system in the last year period or some european countries like britain for example and actually attracts more migration which is what we're seeing now from north africa at the signing of machinegun agreements on visa free travel e.u. leaders were all smiles the fear now is they've opened the pandora's box that they no longer control the new bush will see brussels. and earlier this week european m.p.'s decided to request their own permanent seat at the u.n. security council it's part of a planned overhaul of the use common defense security and foreign policy but the move has not been met favorably by member states which already have a seat on the council like britain and france the u.k. said it will not give up its own place or body for the sake of putting united europe there and he tries to turn it things. right click then we'll see un influence so there's no way that the british government or the british can serve
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the delegation and i speak for the conservatives in the european powers that we would support any move which we can dollar ability to project our foreign policy interests and clearly being founding members of the un security council with a veto as a permanent member this is a major plank in being able to project our foreign policy interests and indeed we were so successful recently in collaboration with our french colleagues in securing un security council resolution nineteen seventy three over libya so no we would not give up our seat in favor of an e.u. seat because at the end of the day the common the foreign security policy of the european union is only when we all agree and sometimes we don't all agree as was the case over iraq and has been the case regrettably in some ways over libya when the germans of staines so you know it's essential as a defining characteristic of a nation's foreign policy the ability to speak when they want to in their national interest and clearly the seats are in the un is one of the most important things
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that we can have as a nuclear power as a founding member of the security council that is the united kingdom and i can really can't see any traction for the u.k. government to want to do so and of course you can follow the stories we're covering here on our website regular updates and eye catching videos are waiting for you at our team dot com here's some of what's online right now. side rubens painting a plot for less than ten thousand girls resells for nearly a million hard to bring well good information here on our website. looking for a sensation at the cannes film festival a documentary about the controversial death of diana princess of wales to do something to talk about. on the ninth of may russia's celebrated victory day one of the most important and memorable events in the country's history it marked sixty six years since soviet and allied soldiers defeated not retreat in
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world war two a spectacular parade in red squares off twenty thousand troops marching alongside military hardware a minute of silence was observed in memory of the twenty seven million soviets who died during the war meanwhile in western ukraine veterans who fought for free people from the ninety invasion were attacked by violent nationalists at least likely ourselves witnessed the event. a holiday for millions a street brawl for sun unlike most of the post soviet region on may the ninth this ukrainian city became a vicious display of neo nazis and. several thousand activists from radical nationalist parties block the entrance to red army soldiers cemeteries preventing war veterans from gives you insight and clinging tributes some in this part of ukraine do not see me the ninth as a reason to celebrate leaving the soviet period to be worse than enduring nazi occupation the st george's ribbon is usually worn as
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a traditional may the ninth to commemorate those who died in the great crash or to war but on this day in the west ukrainian capital city of all putting this on your lapel would have meant serious risk regardless of whether you're a veteran or not. to let you know that the ribbons were forcibly ripped from the chests of those who were heading to the grave yards along with abuse of chances such as just to the mosque right nazi salutes hurling rocks. barb's that is how involved mark to me the ninth. here in this picture i am a great there's a knife deliberate this line from the fascists that these people here do not let me come inside the sentry to lay flowers and he's great this is a disgrace. to such seemed surprised even the locals who had grown as used to protests on victory day these were the scenes from last year when the nationalist wipe their feet on the red victory banner next year. i spent thirteen years in detention in siberia my two brothers were killed with something like this have
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happened in a new country there. their heroes are people regarded worldwide as nasa collaborators replica shirts with the founders of the nine hundred forty s. insurgent on staff on monday. are a big hit here there are seen as freedom fighters even though for a while they fought alongside the nazi army and kill civilians jews and russians in the middle of some manner how the mainstream political parties deal with these sorts of movements today encourage them as we've seen in case of crane where. nothing i think to have. status of a hero although it appeared to be an anti russian protest but really it was a protest of the. ukrainian society in this case has to deal with and this is only part of a wider picture the perception of the past is making waves in other former soviet states namely ass as marches and glorifying nots allegiance in the baltic states such as last year and the story of the danger is that people are beginning to
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forget what we fought for and what the veterans died for as we're seeing the reemergence of far right forces and nationalist forces that really in many sense resemble exactly those to the merge with hitler in the one hundred thirty such behavior still only applies to the minority most people in this country still celebrate history with proper respect but the younger you seems the more. should definitely alert ukraine's leadership especially after demands for a revolution were clearly voiced by the andrew mohl police. reporting from the vault in western ukraine. a german court has sentenced a ninety one year old man to five years for nazi war crimes in a death camp john demjanjuk of course found guilty of helping to murder almost thirty thousand jews during world war two while serving as a guard in a polish concentration camp his case was opened over thirty years ago and israel even sentenced him to death but later canceled the verdict in your new consists he
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was a victim of the nazis who captured him as a soviet soldier and helped him held in prison or the man has currently been taken to a nursing facility while he appeals his conviction. initial journalists are believed to be the organizer of an internet mouthpiece for russia's most wanted terrorist has walked free but the trial of mikhail store sure had nothing to do with his possible links to terrorism he was accused of smuggling chechens into finland which officials later called a humanitarian action human rights activists believe authorities turned a blind eye to store shiz activity because he has high profile supporters the website which he set up and sponsors regularly airs the views of the wanted terrorist a joke when he finished. spoke out against the side and was immediately tainted beef rocked bachmann who has passed her mother riza defender told r.t. either case shows that there is a pro terror game at play in finland. the court process against.
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any feeling was trial the charge and the prosecutor didn't want to sentence him of a they want it only to give some kind of justification for it for the sec typically as well he's an activist who is actively promoting islamistic terrorism against russia he has several websites he has an office and he's a representative officially. in finland he's an extremely dangerous individual and i'm very sure of that and he has a very strong political support in finland but he's a he's a giving political space for islamists think extremism in the north and nordic countries in northern europe. and a day of violence in the middle east has seen israeli troops fire on protesters and on three hostile borders as demonstrators attempted to cross into the country prime
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minister netanyahu said he hoped to calm that would return but warned the country is determined to protect its territorial integrity sixteen people were killed when troops opened fire near the lebanese syrian and gaza borders the clashes broke out on nothing but day that marks the anniversary of the founding of the jewish state when many palestinians lost their homes security officials said they sustained injuries as well tear gas and rubber bullets were used in an attempt to stop the protesters crossing into israel analyst and writer stephen leatherman says such actions will not serve the israeli image abroad. piers never sells spirits where israel and terrorists peaceful protesters these were peaceful protesters but this is special this is bill and i'm krista tippett player to play the commemoration. nearly nearly tens of thousands every joy if we can memory this theory has special we syrian and the lebanese borders lebanon was as specially dramatic anywhere
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from fifty to one hundred thousand people maybe more key into the all experience hundreds of buses groping near this is near it happened before same thing at noon syria he came to the golan heights quarter syrian territory has been lucky partner in israel since nine hundred sixty seven milly's thousands of people protesting peacefully israel attacked him violently the whole world is watching this is seeing a real face of israel at check in the school protests because now let's have a look at some more international news making the headlines this hour. the u.s. has opened a massive flood gates in louisiana to avert inundation in cities along the mississippi thousands of square miles of land will be engulfed in the flow this is the first time in four decades the level of the river has forced the flood gates to
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be opened officials say twenty five thousand people and more than ten thousand buildings could be a bursley affected. at least six passengers have been killed by a bus that was hit by a roadside bomb near a garrison town in eastern pakistan twenty others were wounded it is the second major attack in pakistan this week on friday twin blasts targeted a paramilitary base killing almost one hundred taliban officials said the bombing was to avenge the death of osama bin laden. i'll be back in a bit with a recap of the headlines after just a short break. a
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cluster mission. and inside a container you have a small bar. and you can have anywhere from dozens up to hundreds of them there's a huge market right now for cattle area clearance because there are a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordinance. and so you've got these companies and n.g.o.s that have basically strong up that have an expertise to get rid of these weapons what they do is they go to these places they will hire local train the locals how to do the clearance they'll let the
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locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their homes and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas are going to have. a. big. rock hard. for the full story we've just had the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. wealthy british.


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